UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc. 

153 Paige Hill Rd, PO Box 335, Goffstown NH 03045


“Improving lives by partnering with the power of the horse” 

Every year many children and adults are diagnosed with physical and emotional disabilities. While conventional therapies do so much to physically heal them, these therapies do not always bring about a feeling of emotional well-being and self-gratification. Physical goals are achieved as the three dimensional movement of the horse provides the sensory input of the precise, repetitive pattern of the normal human walk. Self-esteem and independence are achieved through cause and effect relationships that are built through caring for and riding or driving a horse.

Image the sense of freedom and hope that a child in a wheelchair feels while riding on the back of one of these majestic animals, or the sense of trust that is learned by caring for a loving animal so much bigger than themselves.

UpReach cannot continue to change lives without generous donations and support from the community and special events such as this show. We invite you to visit us and see first hand how “horses help hopes become reality” 

Thank you for all your support and good luck!

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